Computational & Experimental Linguistics Lab

College of William & Mary

Welcome to the website for the Computational and Experimental Linguistics Lab (CELL) at the College of William & Mary. CELL provides the infrastructure for students and faculty to engage in computational and experimental research on language. Our mission is to provide students with the training, experience, and mentorship to become integrated in faculty research and to develop their own independent research projects.

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  • Presentations and awards

  • NSF Grant

    The Cognitive Basis of Linguistic Illusions. PI: Dan Parker

  • CUNY 2019 Poster

    Facilitatory interference reflects direct-access retrieval. Dan Parker and Adam An.

  • MIT Colloquium Talk

    Real and accidental glides. Anya Lunden


Dr. Anya Hogoboom

Dr. Dan Parker

Dr. Kaitlyn Harrigan

Dr. Leslie Cochrane